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Carscope Viso Automotive Diagnostic Tester -Starter Kit Edition

Carscope Viso Automotive Diagnostic Tester -Starter Kit Edition
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Carscope Viso 2-Channel Universal oscilloscope-Starter Kit edition

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The CarScope Viso Starter kit edition,is a universal oscilloscope and it is not bound to any brand or any model car.

Includes the common test leads to start diagnosing most vehicles 


Key features:


- 7 inch WVGA (800X480), Active TFT Color Display

- Capacitive touch screen

- Specially designed real-time embedded system

- Ultra fast boot time

- Intuitive operation

- Embedded information system

- Built-in automatic pre-set measurement configuration


Firmware update 05/11/16

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Carscope Viso Automotive diagnostic tester- Starter Kit Edition

Ideal oscilloscope for those starting out in Oscilloscope automotive diagnosis

includes commonly used test leads:

  • Pressure pulse sensor, (used to detect mechanical faults such as relative compression, incorrect valve timing, burnt valves, injector problems etc in engines, both petrol and diesel)
  • COP sensor (used to test pencil type ignition coils)
  • Backpinning probes (set of 5 probes used to probe feed cables with a minimum of damage)
  • Piercing test clip (securely clips and probes electrical cables for testing)
  • 10:1 Attenuator
  • 20:1 Attenuator​

The CarScope VISO is probably the easiest used oscilloscope designed for automotive diagnostics and fault finding on both diesel and petrol vehicles.

​Touchscreen interface with pre selected settings for the most common testing procedures on automotive systems

  1. Sensors
  2. Ignition
  3. Diesel
  4. Injectors
  5. Electrical System
  6. Communication 

​Each section is broken down into individual  systems tests, an example is the sensors section, where there are 12 sensor tests available which are:

  • ABS 
  • CKP
  • CMP
  • ECT
  • HS
  • KS
  • MAF
  • MAP
  • O2 
  • RPM
  • TPS
  • VSS

​If there are alternative types of sensor such as ABS sensors type Analogue or Digital then there is the option to choose which type you want to test.

Each section includes a help section to assist with diagnosis with sample wave forms general description of the system, the working principle of the sensor, the different types of sensors used, typical symptoms and procedures for testing the sensor.

If you are looking for a scope that is designed to properly display CAN bus signals or fast ripples spikes. It’s a scope that will properly handle the secondary ignition firing line components on an ignition system.  Spark plug voltages can be individually seen on the display along with any faults such as a very tiny extra gap caused by a poor ignition wire connection at the spark plug. Everything else is easy with this incredible tool!

--Quick Start Guide


CarScope VISO is the newest member of CarScope’s popular family of automotive diagnostic oscilloscopes. It is dedicated professional automotive component tester with touch screen color display and it is the single solution to all your engine analysis needs. The VISO automotive digital storage oscilloscope provides you with affordable performance in a compact design. It’s packed with useful features such as: USB connectivity, component tester with built-in preset configurations, primary and secondary ignition capabilities with presets, dual graphing voltmeter, frequency counter and context sensitive help menu. The VISO oscilloscope helps you get more done, in less time.

Start with the base kit and add more power and functionality to suit your needs. The base kit includes the embedded firmware and measurement leads for the 2-Channel oscilloscope and for the digital voltmeters.


Key features:


- 7 inch WVGA (800X480), Active TFT Color Display

- Capacitive touch screen

- Specially designed real-time embedded system

- Ultra fast boot time

- Intuitive operation

- Embedded information system

- Built-in automatic pre-set measurement configurations

- Built-in context-sensitive help

- Multilingual user interface

- Zoom function

- Peak detect mode for accurately and repeatedly show fast ripple spikes.

- Battery-powered, handheld oscilloscope

- PC connectivity as USB device

- Smart power management system


Key performance specifications:


- 2-channel oscilloscope

- Parallel ADC Architecture

- Hardware based oscilloscope capture engine

- Advanced hardware trigger

- 8k point record length on all channels

- Up to 20 MS/s sample rate on each channel



Computer control system

Real-time embedded system



Maximum sampling rate

2 independent 20 MS/s ADCs



Oscilloscope Inputs

2 Inputs; ±20 Volts; 1MΩ in parallel with 30 pF

Secondary Ignition Inputs

Any input channel (capacitive pick-up clamp)

Primary Ignition Inputs

Any input channel (20:1 attenuator)

Input ranges (full scale)

±0.2V; ±0.5V; ±1V; ±2V; ±5V; ±10V; ±20V (real)

Input Overload Protection

±200V DC+AC peak

Trigger Source

Channel 1, Channel 2

Trigger Type

Automatic, Single Shot, None

Trigger  Edge

Rising edge, Falling edge

Vertical Resolution

8 bit

Hardware memory buffers

32,000 bytes RAM buffer per channel

Record length

8k point record length on all channels

Horizontal zoom

Horizontally expand or compress a live or stopped waveform

Peak Detect acquisition mode

User selectable

Sample acquisition mode

Sample data only


USB 2.0 device port for easy connection to a PC

Data storage

8GB internal SD card

Power source

Lithium Ion Battery - 18650 cell - 2600mAh

Total Power Consumption

400mA max

Average Battery Life

4 hours

Battery charging voltage range

4.75V to 5.5V DC

Battery charging adapter

5V / 2.0 Amp DC out, 5.5mm x 2.1mm, Positive Center


Approximately 135mm (w) x 40mm (h) x 195mm (d)

Weight (main unit)

Approximately 0.4kg (0.88 lb)

Weight (basic set)

Approximately 0.95kg (2.09 lb)


Typical applications


2-Channel Universal oscilloscope

CarScope Viso is a universal oscilloscope and it is not bounded to any brand or any model car.


Comprehensive Engine Analysis

CarScope Viso is the single solution to all your engine analysis needs. It’s designed with excellent opportunities to test all types of sensors and actuators used in modern cars.


Primary and Secondary ignition oscilloscope

CarScope Viso is a high efficiency of automotive engine analyzer. It is specially designed for automobile test and analysis of ignition systems. Ignition waveform test function can be used to test the primary and secondary ignitions. Their waveforms are displayed in a single cylinder waveform and a parade waveform. It can be used to test all kinds of ignition systems. It can be used to test ignition systems with or without distributor as well as Coil-on-Plug (COP) systems.


Engine Analyzer

With the additional Pressure Pulse Sensor, CarScope Viso can be used for indirect checking of the engine's mechanical condition.


In the set

• CarScope Viso – main hardware unit;

• Universal probes – 2 pieces

• 18650 Li-ion Cell Battery 2600mAh;

• 5V/2A DC Wall Power Adapter - 5.5mm x 2.1mm plug


• USB 2.0 Cable Type A Male to Type B Male (optional)

This is a standard issue USB 2.0 cable. This is the most common A to B Male/Male type peripheral cable, the kind that’s usually used for printers.


Complete handheld automotive diagnostic solution


Automotive Tablet Oscilloscope

Designed and developed by Ditex, the Carscope Viso is a newly developed Automotive diagnostic system based on oscilloscope technology.

It is designed to be easy and fast to use with all the settings being applied for the chosen test. 

The Carscope Viso includes a Help section to assist with choosing and diagnosing problems, it includes waveforms and sensor descriptions and what the waveform should look like for a properly working sensor.



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