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4mm Banana Backpinning Probes, Automotive Needles

4mm Banana Backpinning  Probes, Automotive Needles
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Essential addition when testing wiring and associated connectors and plugs. Tests connections without dismantling or damage to the wiring. Includes spare needles. Use with Multimeter or Oscilloscope.

Automotive Back-pinning probe set Automotive test pins

The main use is for back pinning probe of the electrical connectors. It is made by means of their piercing through moisture-proof and dustproof rubber seals of the wires from the rear side of the coupling. Based on the routine it is recommended these seals to be pulled back in advance to avoid their piercing during the test. 

The  probe set consists of 4 mm female banana plug and fine steel needle. The smallest diameter of the needle is the most important to keep safe the fragile connector.

The probe set is supplied with lots of replacement needles. If a needle becomes damaged, worn or broken, there is no need to buy a whole new back-probe, simply unscrew the small bolt inside the female banana plug and replace the needle with the new one.


5 multi coloured 4 mm female banana plug

replacement needles


automotive acupuncture probe back-pin set

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