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BMW 20 pin to 16 pin adapter cable for pre OBD2 BMW Models

BMW 20 pin to 16 pin adapter cable for pre OBD2 BMW Models
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BMW 20 pin to 16 pin OBD2 adapter,suitable for use with the appropriate diagnostic tool capable of communicating with the vehicle. For cars fitted with both the 20 pin and OBD2 socket, the OBD2 socket is wired for engine diagnostics only

BMW 20 pin to 16 pin OBDii adapter

Used to diagnose BMW cars pre 2002 fitted with the 20 pin under bonnet Diagnostic socket. (some models had both 20 pin and 16 pin sockets) If both diagnostic sockets are present the 20 pin is the main access point for all diagnostics, the 16 pin is for engine communication only.

BMW 20 pin adapter to allow the connection of OBD2 scan tools to the 20 pin diagnostic plug found in the engine bay on pre 2000 year models.Note: This cable allows physical connection to the 20 pin plug, it does not make a non OBD2 vehicle OBD2 compliant. Your scan tool must be able to communicate with pre obd2 BMW.

Below is an example of what the 20 pin DLC looks like, it can be found in the engine bay, or in this case attached directly to the engine next to the dipstick.

BMW 20 pin diagnostic adapter socket

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