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BMW GS RS RT F K Series Motorcycle OBD Kit, MotoScan Compatible

BMW GS RS RT F K Series Motorcycle OBD Kit, MotoScan Compatible
Our Price:  £76.99(Inc. 20% VAT)(£64.16 Exc. VAT)

Part Number:  Usci2000-10

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Genuine Latest Unicarscan Bluetooth Interface (not Chinese clone) and 10 pin Adapter cable to connect to the majority of BMW bikes

The Unicarscan UCSI-2000 is the recommended Interface for the Motoscan app


Compatible with the Motoscan BMW Bike App in the Google Store


BMW Bike Diagnostic Hardware Kit.

Genuine UniCarScan Bluetooth interface and quality 10 Pin to 16 Pin OBDII Female diagnostic adapter cable for BMW Motorcycles. This adapter cable is designed to be used with the Motoscan Android app (available on Google Play) on motorcycles with the 10 pin diagnostic port. 

This kit when used with appropriate software can be used to connect BMW bikes to read engine data, reset service lights, perform activations etc, The included OBD interface is a recommended Unicarscan device.  It is a reliable and tested compatible interface to communicate reliably with BMW bikes,

​Note: This is a Hardware only Kit, You need to have a compatible software or app to communicate with the bike. We would recommend the Motoscan app for Android available in the Google Play store. Click the following link to find out more: Motoscan APP information


  • Genuine UniCarscan bluetooth Pro Grade interface 
  • 10 Pin BMW to 16 Pin OBDII Female Adapter
  • Compatible with the BMW ICOM / ICOM-D Diagnostic Tool
  • Compatible with BMW Motorcycles / Motorbikes with the 10 Pin Diagnostic Port
  • Manufactured with High Quality, Automotive Grade Materials




+++ Supported BMW motorcycle models +++

- K18 (C 600 Sport)
- K19 (C 650 GT)

- K70 (F 700 GS)
- K71 (F 800 S, F 800 ST, F 800 GT)
- K72 (F 650 GS, F 800 GS)
- K75 (F 800 GS Adventure)
- K73 (F 800 R)
- R13 (F 650 GS, GS Dakar)
- K14 (F 650 CS)

- R13 (G 650 GS, G 650 GS Sertao)
- K16 (G 450 X)
- K15 (G 650 Xchallenge, Xmoto, Xcountry)

- K40 (K 1200 S, K 1300 S)
- K43 (K 1200 R. Sport, K 1300 R)
- K44 (K 1200 GT, K 1300 GT)
- K48 (K 1600 GT, K 1600 GL)
- K589 (K 1100 RS, K 1100 LT)
- K589 (K 1200 RS, K 1200 LT)

- K50 (R 1200 GS)
- K51 (R 1200 GS Adventure)
- K52 (R 1200 RT)
- K21 (R nineT)
- K25 (R 1200 GS, R 1200 GS Adventure)
- K26 (R 900 RT, R 1200 RT)
- K27 (R 1200 R)
- K28 (R 1200 ST)
- K29 (R 1200 S, HP2 Sport)
- K30 (R 1200 CL)
- R21 (R 1150 GS, Adventure)
- R22 (R 850 RT, R 1150 RT, R 1150 RS)
- R28 ( R850 R, R 1150 R, Rockster)
- 259C (R 850 C, R 1200 C, Montauk, Independet)
- 259 (R 1100 S, R 1100 RS)

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