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Carscope Plus Enhanced Automotive 4 channel LAN based Oscilloscope

Carscope Plus Enhanced Automotive 4 channel LAN based Oscilloscope
 Carscope Plus Enhanced Automotive 4 channel LAN based OscilloscopeCarscope Plus Enhanced Automotive 4 channel LAN based Oscilloscope 
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Carscope Pus Enhanced Speed LAN based Automotive Oscilloscope.

LAN Based: Ethernet RJ45 Sockets are magnetically coupled, CarScope  Plus unit and PC are galvanically isolated. The galvanic isolation completely eliminates the risk of damage to the computer that is used from electrical overvoltages and transient voltage spikes


Carscope Plus, Efficient enhanced speed LAN based 4-channel automotive digital storage oscilloscope.


CarScope Plus is a very high quality four channel automotive digital storage oscilloscope with enhanced speeds. It’s built for the automotive industry. When you want speed, accuracy and reliability then this is the smart choice. This is an affordable way to diagnose today’s high-tech vehicles.

There are several “presets” that will allow you to just hook up and go without the need to set a voltage scale, trigger or time base. CarScope Plus is also fully capable of diagnosing primary and secondary ignition as well as Coil-on-Plug. Many automotive specific adapters available including amp clamps and coil on plug adapter, pressure pulse test are also available.


Unique LAN solution for complete vehicle analysis.

LAN (Ethernet) connection does not require specific drivers for scope to work making initial setup quick and easy. Installation is a breeze on any laptop or desktop running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8 10. Future software updates are included at no charge.


Electrical safety of computer used

Ethernet RJ45 Sockets are magnetically coupled and therefore CarScope PLus device and PC are galvanically isolated. The galvanic isolation completely eliminates the risk of damage to the computer that is used from electrical overvoltages and transient voltage spikes. It also eliminates ground loop currents flowing between the PC and CarScope device which can cause damage and inaccurate measurements.


CarScope Plus is free from USB connectivity problems

A great advantage of the LAN connection is the great common mode rejection. Magnetic filtering minimizes static discharge noise, magnetic fields and radio frequency interference.


Hardware-based trigger system

CarScope Plus has a high stability trigger system made of four independent hardware-based circuits.


Fast setup with Preset component tests.

Software for testing the most important electrical and electronic components in the vehicle

Around 30 pre-set component tests. You can select a vehicle component and allow the CarScope Plus to set up for the expected signal or manually change your oscilloscope settings.

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  • 4-Channel PC Based Automotive Oscilloscope
  • Engine Analyzer, suitable for use with any vehicle
  • Ignition Waveform Analyzer Capabilities
  • Predefined sensor-specific measuring settings
  • Long Hardware Memory Depth
  • Hardware-based trigger system
  • Overload and reverse polarity protection
  • No need to install specific-scope drivers
  • Local area network technology
  • TCP/IP server mode is used
  • LAN connection status indicator
  • Future firmware updates through internet
  • Wide power supply range
  • Real Time Screen Refresh Rates
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • Many automotive accessories are available: i.e Pressure Pulse sensors, Coil on plug sensors, Amp Clamps, Back pinning probes, etc

For accessories to add to this kit please view the oscilloscope accessories section HERE

The CarScope PLUS LAN Scope is a universal oscilloscope use on any brand or any model of vehicle.

Comprehensive Engine Analysis

CarScope PLUS is the single solution to all your engine analysis needs. It’s designed with excellent opportunities to test all types of sensors and actuators used in modern cars.

Ignition Analyzer

CarScope PLUS is a high efficiency of automotive engine analyzer. It is specially designed for automobile test and analysis of ignition systems. Ignition waveform test function can be used to test the primary and secondary ignitions. Their waveforms are displayed in a single cylinder waveform and a parade waveform. It can be used to test all kinds of ignition systems. It can be used to test ignition systems with or without distributor as well as Coil-on-Plug (COP) systems.

Engine Analyzer

With the additional Pressure Pulse Sensor, CarScope PLUS can be used for indirect checking of the engine's mechanical condition.


  • Carscope Plus Main Unit
  • 1 main universal probe
  • 3 universal probes
  • LAN cable
  • Setup software CD 
  • Power supply cable

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