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Carscope Pro oscilloscope Introduction

Auto Ditex CarScope Pro, Professional Automotive Oscilloscope.
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Important features of the CarScope Pro oscilloscope

- CarScope Pro is ABSOLUTELY free from USB connectivity problems, common for all USB automotive oscilloscopes.

- The Firmare of the device can be directly upgraded from the Internet without having to send the device back to us.

- The new versions of the Windows software can be directly downloaded from the Internet without having to send the device back to us.

- Lower cost than a stand-alone oscilloscope, assuming the user already owns a PC.

- Easy exporting of data to standard PC software such as spreadsheets and word processors.

- Use of the PC's disc storage functions, which cost a lot extra when added to a self-contained oscilloscope.

What is the difference between an automotive oscilloscope/engine analyzer/motortester/ and a lab scope?

The Carscope Pro is one kind of specialized oscilloscope used for auto diagnostics.

Kit shown here is the Carscope Starter Kit, ideal for those just starting out in Oscilloscope diagnostics

  • Difference between Carscope Pro Oscilloscope and universal oscilloscope:

 The main difference between the Carscope Pro Automotive oscilloscope and a universal oscilloscope is that the automotive oscilloscope is capable of visualizing short-timed processes like the ignition spark process. This process is exceptionally fast, and the period of repeat of the ignition of sparks in time is many times greater than the time the spark itself exists. This is easily observable when testing the engine in idle speed, when the majority of the measurements are conducted.

For example: if we observe the ignition cycle of a 4 cylinder gasoline engine, and an ignition spark that lasts around 2ms, at 800 RPM, the time period between sparks on a single cylinder would be 150ms. What this means is that the ‘length’ of the spark would account for around 2% of the actual work cycle, and therefore the burning of the sparks will be seen as very thin lines on the screen of the oscilloscope, and no information about the phases of the ignition would be seen. Because of this many diagnostics are forced to increase the RPM of the engine thus shortening the ignition cycle thus ‘saturating’ the waveform of the cycle.

The good ignition analyzer (automotive oscilloscope) shows all the cylinders simultaneously, and allows for detailed observation of the time period that includes: dwell period, drilling voltage, burn time and turbulence of voltage.

  CarScope Pro can shows the cylinders graphs next to each other, (or under one another in future version of main program), excluding the long time periods between sparks, this method is also known as “parade”.

Another distinctive feature of the automotive oscilloscope is that it can show its time divisions on its horizontal (x) axis in milliseconds as well as in degrees–up to 720 degrees.


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