Diesel Common Rail

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CarScope Diesel Service Kits

CarScope Diesel Service Kits£750.00  -  £910.00

CarScope Diesel Service Kits include the tools to diagnose Diesel engines in cars and commercial vehicles

Carscope i-Tester Vehicle Engine Analyser

Carscope i-Tester Vehicle Engine Analyser£238.80


Carscope I-tester Quick relative compression test tool. Checks engine health in seconds


Common Rail Diesel Injector Tester

Common Rail Diesel Injector Tester£599.00

The Common Rail Injector Tester (CRIT100) provides the right driving signals and parameters needed for proper assessment of the following injector parameters: delivery,  leak off, injection quality, spray pattern, chattering, pre-injection etc.

Diesel Common Rail Pump Driver

Diesel Common Rail Pump Driver£249.00

The Common Rail Pump Driver allows maintaining a constant pressure in the system and thus testing Common Rail Injectors at various modes thereby assessing their efficiency.


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