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FCOM Ford, Jaguar, Mazda Volvo Diagnostic Tool Windows PC Based System.

FCOM Ford, Jaguar, Mazda Volvo Diagnostic Tool Windows PC Based System.
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FCOM - professional Ford, Aston Martin Volvo, Mazda Jaguar and Land Rover diagnostic Interface and software

F-COM is diagnostic software for Ford vehicles, which includes Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, Mercury, Jaguar, Volvo, Land-Rover and Aston-Martin. F-COM comes with OBD2 to USB interface and is designed to work on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 or Linux or Mac OS/X (using Wine emulation).

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Key features

  • Support for wide range of ECUs and models (ECU selection screenshot)
  • Easy connection via smart USB to OBD2 interface
  • Wide range of communication protocols and buses covered: J1850 PWM, ISO, CAN (HS-CAN & MS-CAN)
  • Automatic ECU recognition
  • Automatic vehicle scan (screenshot)
  • ECU Identification (screenshot)
  • Fault codes (DTCs)
  • Measured values / live data (first, second and third screenshot)
    • Live data recording
  • Diagnostic protocol printing
  • Actuator tests (screenshot)
  • Control unit coding (screenshot), including:
    • PATS Immobilizer operations (timed & coded using
    • Injector coding (Delphi Duratorq TDCi, Denso Mazda, Bosch EDC16C3/EDC16C34/EDC16C7/EDC16CP39/EDC17C42, Siemens/Continental SID202/SID206/SID208/SID803/SID803A/SID803AM/SID807, Visteon DCU)
    • DPF (FAP) regeneration and reset
    • Fuel pump adjustment
    • Odometer correction (paid feature - sold as separate module)
  • Control unit configuration ( video)
  • Flash and serial memory programming functionality will be available shortly in special F-COM programming module (flash programming is available to selected beta testers only, paid feature).

Click here to see program screenshots. .


F-COM is able to connect to control units on all Ford vehicles 1996-2013. ECU identification, fault code memory reading and clearing works on all control units. Live data is available on all important ECUs in models such as Mondeo, Focus, Fiesta and other. Actuator tests and coding is available for most demanded control units, more are added every update. F-COM detailed coverage listing is available here. F-COM also supports experimental diagnostics for Volvo.

Technical support

In addition to the free updates of diagnostic functions, the software also comes with limited technical support: if you connect to a car that has any unsupported ECUs or some function does not work as expected, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone. We'll try to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Sample screen shots:

ford diagnostic software

Latest software updates

2019-10-01 1.0.18782
Added button for automatic google translations of fault codes

2019-09-17 1.0.18746
Added EPB codings - service position

2019-02-14 1.0.18479
New firmware with improved functionality

2019-01-04 1.0.18439
Improvements in PCM organisation and naming

2018-11-21 1.0.18425
Configuration XML file (*.ecucfg) load/save redesign

2018-11-18 1.0.18420
Improved Ford UBP diagnostics

2018-10-17 1.0.18405
Added Ford UBP diagnostics

2018-08-24 1.0.18352

Added OBD2 emission tests readiness function to many SCP/CAN PCM ECUs


2018-08-23 1.0.18350

Added OBD2 emission tests readiness function to all UDS (ISO14229) ECUs


2018-06-24 1.0.18215

Added clear crash routine for Bosch UDS airbags (Focus/Mondeo 2010+)


2018-06-22 1.0.18191

Added clear crash routine for Siemens ISO airbags (Fiesta/Fusion/...)

2018-02-02 1.0.18123
Configurations added to the Ford C-MAX 2010-2015 BCM

2018-01-17 1.0.18112
Added overvoltage battery check before connection.

2017-12-08 1.0.18037
Fixed issue with malformed CCF configuation on Focus/Kuga 2016

2017-10-13 1.0.17971
Added font scaling for larger resolution displays (available in development mode)

2017-10-04 1.0.17961
Fixed configuration editing in large window size mode

2017-09-01 1.0.17782
Improved fault reporting (KWP2000/CAN/UDS response codes decoding)

2017-07-25 1.0.17739
Added support for Aston Martin DB7 (1994–2004)

2017-06-27 1.0.17686
Added ECU information to print/copy to clipboard function


Product enquiries: 02891 310 043