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Fiat, Alfa Romeo MultiECUScan KKL cable and 3 pin connector

Fiat,  Alfa Romeo MultiECUScan KKL cable and 3 pin connector
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Part Number:  kkl316
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Fiat Alfa Romeo MultiECUScan compatible KKL Cable and 3 pin connector
USB KKl interface with the 3 pin adapter, suitable for scanning older Italian cars with the Pre OBD2 connector.
If your car has the 3 pin connector in the engine compartment you need this kit to communicate with the ECU, using a suitable computer and the Multiecuscan software you will be able to diagnose faults and view live data from the engine management system. Each system, ABS, Airbags etc in the vehicle will have its own 3 pin diagnostic socket. Some will be in the passenger cabin, there are plenty of sources on the internet to find where your vehicles diagnostic sockets are located.
The three pin connector was usually fitted to pre year 2000 models, 

Compatible with the free and registered MultiECUScan software

Includes USB version of the KKL ISO9141/KWP2000 cable (also known as Vag Com cable)

Adapter cable 16 pin to 3 pin adapter to access Fiat Alfa Lancia Specific Diagnostic port as fitted to most models prior to 2000

Cable is supplied with installation instructions and drivers


- Any PC or Laptop that runs Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10
- Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 SP1. Free, available from
USB to Serial drivers for KKL interface




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