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Fiat 500 Diagnostic Tool

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Fiat 500 Diagnostic Tool
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Near dealer level diagnostics for your Fiat 500 with your Windows Laptop

  • Authorised Multiecuscan Distibutor
  • Price Includes VAT
  • Carryout advanced diagnostics including programming. adjustments, activations, and service light reset.
  • One year free software updates included.
  • Includes Genuine OBDlink SX interface Certified for Multiecuscan, A3 C19 Adapter cable and activation for Multiecuscan software


Fiat 500 Multiecuscan Diagnostic tool for Windows PC

Complete diagnostic kit for Fiat 500 2007-2019 (models not fitted with Fiat SGW) Models. Uses the power of your Windows PC to offer near dealer level diagnostics on all Fiat 500 models including Abarth (Not compatible with 500X)

The Fiat 500 diagnostic tool comprises of a certified Multiecuscan software compatible FTDI Certified for Multiecuscan USB interface, The fully registered latest version Multiecuscan software and the C19 A3 adapter cable to access the systems not on the HS CAN network.

Genuine OBDLink SX  interface included. We do not sell Chinese ELM clones

Fiat 500 Diagnostic socket location:

Remove the dash panel above the pedals, between the steering column and the door, the diagnostic socket is located to the right of the steering column

suitable for All Fiat 500 models, 

Access non EOBD compatible modules and reset the service interval

Models covered:
  • 500
  • 0.9 Turbo Twin air
  • 1.2 8 V
  • 1.3 Multijet 16V
  • 1.4 T-Jet MultiAir
  • 1.4 Turbo 16V T-Jet/MultiAir Abarth
  • 500L
  • 0.9 Turbo TwinAir
  • 1.3 Multijet 16V
  • 1.4 16V T-Jet/MultiAir
  • 1.6 Multijet 16V
Modules covered include:
  • Engine (Petrol and Diesel)
  • Automatic gearbox
  • ABS and ESP
  • Airbag
  • Electric steering
  • Service interval reset
  • Instrument panel
  • Climate control
  • Body Computer
  • Tyre Pressure 
  • Proxy Alignment 
  • Parking Control

​Modules can be diagnosed, faults read and cleared, includes programming, adjustments and activations.

Multiecuscan Diagnostic software Actual screenshots




- Any hardware that runs Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 windows 8 and windows 10
- Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 SP1. Free, available from
- 1.5GHz CPU and better required

Free software updates included for 1 year

Includes all necessary hardware to access the modules listed above.

Kit can be expanded to cover more vehicles and modules


Whats included

  • Genuine OBDLink SX High speed USB interface 
  • Adapter cable C19
  • Activation key to unlock full version of MultiECUScan software (free one year updates included)
  • The interface in this kit can also be used with free included EOBD/OBD2 software for use on all other EOBD compliant vehicles

All hardware is guaranteed for three years (repair or replace)


  • USB Interface FTDI Drivers for All windows versions Download here
  • Latest Multiecuscan software release Download here

Sample of coverage available with this kit shown below:

Key identification:

|INFO| - Identification data reading is supported on the module 

|DTC| - Error codes reading and clearing is supported on the module 

|DTC EX| - Error code details reading is supported on the module 

|PRM| - Parameter reading is supported on the module 

|ACT| - Actuator functions are supported on the module 

|ADJ| - Adjustment procedures are supported on the module


500 0.9 Turbo TwinAir


Magneti Marelli IAW 8GSF CF5/EOBD Injection (0.9) |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ACT|ADJ| 

Magneti Marelli IAW 8GSW CF6/EOBD Injection (0.9) |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ACT|ADJ| 

Marelli SELESPEED CFC328 Automatic Gearbox |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ACT|ADJ| 

Marelli SELESPEED CFC328 CF6 Automatic Gearbox |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ACT|ADJ| 

Marelli SELESPEED CFC328F Automatic Gearbox |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ACT|ADJ| 


Continental Airbag (Ep - PROXI) |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ACT| 

Siemens MY06 Airbag (Ep - PROXI) |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ACT| 


Delphi Electric Steering |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ADJ| 

Delphi Electric Steering MY12 |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ADJ|

Service Interval Reset |INFO|ADJ| ELM C19OBDKey C19 A3

Service Interval Reset MY12 |INFO|DTC|PRM|ADJ| 

Service Interval Reset MY13 |INFO|ADJ| 

Service Interval Reset TFT |INFO|ADJ|

Convergence Lauberhorn (Blue&Me) |INFO|DTC|PRM| 

Convergence Marelli/Microsoft (Blue&Me) |INFO|DTC| 

Convergence Marelli/Microsoft C3 (Blue&Me Nav) |INFO|DTC| 

Instrument Panel Marelli |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ACT|ADJ| 

Instrument Panel Marelli MY12 |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ACT|ADJ| 

Instrument Panel Marelli MY13 |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ACT|ADJ| 

Instrument Panel Marelli TFT |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ACT|ADJ| 

Body Computer Delphi (312) |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ACT|ADJ| 

Body Computer Delphi (312) MY12 |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ACT|ADJ| 

CAN Info |INFO| 

CAN Setup / PROXI Alignment Procedure |INFO|ADJ| 

Denso climate control (Single zone) |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ACT|ADJ| 

Denso climate control (Single zone) |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ACT|ADJ|  


Tire Pressure Control (TPMS) |INFO|DTC|DTC EX|PRM|ACT|ADJ|

Scantool Direct are authorised Multiecuscan distributors, all hardware will be guaranteed compatible with the Multiecuscan software.

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