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Fiat Alfa Romeo Serial KKL Cable, pin switching Multiecuscan

Fiat Alfa Romeo Serial KKL Cable, pin switching Multiecuscan
Our Price:  £12.99(Inc. 20% VAT)(£10.83 Exc. VAT)

Part Number:  skkl4091ser
Brand:  Scantool-Direct



This Fiat Multiplexed KKL cable with manual pin switching is an easy and affordable way to diagnose most Fiat and Alfa Romeo models engine ABS and SRS faults with your Windows PC.

See below for systems and models covered

Serial KKL VAG COM USB Cable with pin switch for Fiat and Alfa Romeo Diagnostics including engine ABS and  SRS

Top quality, Fiat Alfa and Lancia diagnostic interface, Serial connection to PC 

2 year warranty included.

This MultiECUScan KKL cable with pin switching via the built in micro switch allows the user to access all compatible control units without the coloured adapter cables.It will also connect to older 3pin  equipped models with the optional 3 pin adapter

Easy to use...  No need to open and modify the interface, just select the pin number on the interface that corresponds to the module and connect.
You do not need to use the coloured adapter cables, with this interface just select the appropriate pin number with the built in micro switch and diagnose the selected module

This cable and the MultiECUScan software will read and clear faults in the following modules.

  1. Engine (Pin number 7)
  2. ABS      (Pin number 1)
  3. Airbag  (Pin number 3)
  4. Climate control (Pin number 9)
  5. Xenon headlights controller (Pin number 12)
  6. TRW Type Electric Power steering (Pin number 9)
  7. Gearbox (Pin number 7)
  8. When using on 3 pin diagnostic connectors, set interface switch to pin number 7


Please check the supported functions and if your car is supported at or contact us for assistance.
Supplied with instructions on selecting the pin required to access the system being diagnosed

Note: Some control modules are only accessible with the registered version of Multiecuscan. If in any doubt contact us for further assistance.

Supported Vehicles and Systems:

Alfa Romeo:

  • 147  (engine, Selespeed Transmission, ABS,Airbag and Xenon Headlamps)
  • 156  (engine, Selespeed Transmission,ABS,ASR,TC, Airbag, Climate and Xenon Headlamps)
  • 159  (engine, Automatic Gearbox, ABS and Xenon Headlamps)
  • 166  (engine, Automatic Gearbox, ABS, Airbag, Navigator Xenon Headlamps)
  • Brera  (engine Selespeed/Automatic Gearbox, ABS, ABS/ESP, Xenon Headlamps)
  • GT    (engine, Selespeed ABS/VDC Airbag)
  • GTV 16 OBD2 (engine, ABS, Airbag, Climate)
  • Mito   (Xenon Headlamps)
  • Spider 16 OBD2 to 2006  (engine, ABS, Airbag, Electric Hood, Climate)
  • Spider 2006 on  (engine , Selespeed Transmission, ABS/ESP, Xenon Headlamps)


  • Chrysler Delta  (engine, Selespeed Transmission, ABS, Electric Steering)
  • Ypsilon (Xenon Headlamps)


  • Albea  (engine, Automatic Transmission, ABS, Airbag)
  • Barchetta 16 pin OBD2 (engine, ABS, Airbag)
  • Bravo/Brava 16 pin OBD2 to 2007  (engine, ABS, Airbag)
  • Bravo 2007 on (engine, ABS,ASR,VDC, Electric Power steering, Xenon Headlamps)
  • Coupe 16 pin OBD2 (engine, ABS, Airbag)
  • Croma 05 on (engine, Automatic Gearbox, ABS, Electric Power steering)
  • Doblo type 119 (engine, ABS, Airbag)
  • Doblo/Cargo type 223 (engine, ABS, Airbag)
  • Ducato  type 244 (engine, ABS, Airbag)
  • Ducato type 250 pre facelift:  (engine, ABS, Power Steering)
  • Idea (engine, ABS, Electric Power Steering)  
  • Marea 16 pin OBD2  (engine, ABS, Airbag)
  • Multipla (engine, ABS, Airbag)
  • Palio  (engine, ABS, Airbag)
  • Panda 16 pin OBD2 to 2012  (engine, ABS, Airbag, Electric Power Steering)
  • Punto 16 pin OBD 2 to 2006  (engine, ABS, Airbag)
  • Punto 2006 -2012 Not EVO (engine, ABS)
  • Stilo  (engine, Selespeed Transmission, ABS, Airbag Xenon Headlamps)


  • Lybra (engine, ABS, Airbag, Climate)
  • Musa  (engine, ABS,Selespeed Transmission)
  • Thesis (engine, ABS, Airbag, Electric Power steering)
  • Ypsilon to 2011 (engine, ABS, Airbag Electric Power steering)


  • SX4 (engine, Active 4wd, ABS, Airbag, electric power steering, Climate)



KKL interface pin advice


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