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Konnwei KW902 WiFi OBD2 interface for iOS, Android and Windows

Konnwei KW902 WiFi OBD2 interface for iOS, Android and Windows
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Part Number:  KW902WF
Brand:  Konnwei

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Konnwei KW902 WiFi OBD2 Adapter.

  • Supports all OBD2 protocols.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices.
  • High Quality, low price tool.
  • 2 Year warranty.
  • Auto sleep function, can be left plugged in the vehicle for extended periods.
  • Sold from and supported here in the UK.
  • Compatible with lots of OBD2 software including Torque, Car scanner, Scanmaster ELM etc.



KONNWEI KW902 WIFI OBD2 tool for IOS Android Windows interface system for 12v cars.

KONNWEI KW902 WIFI Scanner Supports Android and iOS System, With this product, you will be able to perform an engine computer diagnostic and even correct minor faults.


The KW902 is easy to use, it's a plug and use, no battery needed, with auto sleep functions, there is no need to remove the device.

Suitable for all OBDII compliant vehicles, Automatic protocol detection, supports the latest CAN protocols.

Display real-time operating performance of the car, powerful function.

Wifi Wireless connection. More coverage, compatible with Android, iOS and Windows

Some OBD2 software is included the CD in the package or from the internet such as Torque, or the excellent free Car scanner OBD2 program.

With proper software installed, you can have following parameters read out from your vehicle:

Vehicle Speed


Fuel Consumption

Engine Coolant Temp

Fuel Pressure

Calculated Engine Load

Throttle Position

Intake Manifold Pressure

Air Intake Temp

Timing Advance

Mass Air Flow

Fuel Level

Barometric Pressure

EVAP System Vapor Pressure

Fuel Trim




Model: KW902

Connection Type: WIFI


Color: Red


Package includes:

1x KW902 WIFI Car Diagnostic Reader

1x Software CD

1x User Manual

Konnwei KW902 Wifi OBD2 Car diagnostic tool


Product enquiries: 02891 310 043