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Maxiecu Ford PC based Diagnostic System

Maxiecu Ford PC based Diagnostic System
Our Price:  £155.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£129.17 Exc. VAT)

Part Number:  sdm1001ford
Brand:  Mari



Maxiecu Ford Vehicle diagnostic kit. Read and clear faults  and carry out advanced diagnostics including adaptions and injector programming in the majority of Ford vehicles to 2014  with your windows PC or laptop.

Covers non OBD2 compliant vans (pre 2007 Transits)

includes the latest MPM COM USB interface 

Need more than Ford coverage? Add an extra Maxiecu manufacturer software module for just £32.00 

MaxiECU Ford vehicle diagnostic system based on Windows PC

Now supplied with the latest MPM-COM High Speed USB interface (MPM-COM interface is required for some advanced coding and module access)

Advanced diagnostics on Ford vehicles to 2014 including :

  • Engine (both Petrol and Diesel)
  • Parking aid
  • Gearbox
  • SRS (airbag)
  • ABS
  • Body Modules
  • Immobiliser
  • Instruments
  • Injector Coding
  • Component initialisation


​Also covers Ford Transit and Connect vans

​Advanced function such as injector coding​, activations and adaptations are now available with the MPM COM Interface supplied in this kit.

Covers all European model Ford cars and vans.

​Other manufacturers can be added for a small additional fee

Free product setup help and tech support included.

Fault codes are displayed with all available information

Live Datstreams can be displayed from various different sensors at the same time

See below for sample of the available functions:

Live data stream
  Number of trouble codes 
  Soot in oil estimate mg 
  Sludge in oil estimate mg 
  Manifold absolute pressure demanded kPa 
  Engine oil level 
  Suction solenoid valve Ampere 
  Turbocharger position % 
  Distance driven since last oil change km 
  Pilot correction 
  MAP sensor V 
  Accelerator pedal position 
  Variable Fan Duty Cycle % 
  Crankshaft Reference Signal Output 
  Battery light 
  Misfire current 
  Misfire historic 
  Shutdown current 
  Shutdown historic 
  Turbocharger % 
  Desired idle speed Rpm 
  Injector cylinder 1 mg 
  Injector cylinder 3 mg 
  Injector cylinder 4 mg 
  Injector cylinder 2 mg 
  EGR valve stepping motor position 
  Water in fuel 
  Synchronising between camshaft and crankshaft 
  AC switch 
  AC high pressure switch 
  Malfunction indicator lamp 
  A/C clutch 
  EGR valve duty cycle % 
  IAT - Intake air temperature V 
  Coolant temperature V 
  Engine speed Rpm 
  Battery positive voltage V 
  Vehicle speed Km/h 
  Engine oil temperature °C 
  Accelerator pedal position % 
  Fuel pulse width ms 
  Injection quantity, demand mm³ 
  Desired fuel quantity mg 
  MAP sensor kPa 
  Atmospheric pressure kPa 
  Cylinder head temperature °C 
  Glow plug control 
  Glow plug lamp 
  Injection request ° 
  Fuel rail pressure, request MPa 
  Suction solenoid valve % 
  Cylinder head temperature V 
  Rail pressure V 
  Fuel rail temperature V 
  Fuel rail temperature °C 
  Atmospheric pressure V 
  Fuel level % 
  Tire size Revs/mile 
  Axle ratio :1 
  Start.up enable relay 
  Brake pedal switch 1 
  Brake pedal switch 2 
  Air mass flow demand g/s 
  Reference voltage V 
  Oil pressure switch 
  Operating state 
  DTC that caused freeze frame data storage 
  IAT - Intake air temperature °C 
  Engine load % 
  Coolant temperature °C 
  MAP sensor kPa 
  Rpm Rpm 
  Vehicle speed Km/h 
  IAT - Intake air temperature °C 
  MAF (Mass Air Flow) g/s 
  Secondary air injection 
  Engine Run Time Min:Sec 
  Distance driven with MIL warning lamp lit km 
  Rail pressure kPa 
  EGR command % 
  Number of warm-ups since DTCs clear 
  Distance traveled since DTCs clear km 
  Atmospheric pressure kPa 
  Control unit power supply V 
  Accelerator pedal position D % 
  Accelerator pedal position E % 
  Distance driven with MIL warning lamp lit H:Min:Sec 
  Time since Diagnostic Trouble Codes cleared H:Min:Sec 
  Pilot correction 
  ECU Part Number 
  Calibration number 
  ECU file name 
  Serial number 
  Vehicle identification VIN 
  ECU hardware number 
  Cylinder 1 injector code 
  Cylinder 2 injector code 
  Cylinder 3 injector code 
  Cylinder 4 injector code 
  Injector programming cylinder 1 
  Injector programming cylinder 2 
  Injector programming cylinder 3 
  Injector programming cylinder 4 
  Reset The Water in fuel Warning Indicator 
  Reset the Exhaust Gas Recirculation values 
  Reset the Fuel Pressure Relief Valve Open Count Learned Value 
  Reset the Fuel Pressure Relief Valve Open Duration Learned Value 
  Pilot injection learn 
  Speed limit



Near dealer level Ford diagnostics at an affordable price

Information about the MPM COM adapter (multiplexer):

For complete diagnostics a multiplexer is required which is not equipped in the ELM327 interface. The multiplexer is replaced with the MPM COM Advanced interface, no other adapters are required.

  Lifetime Software License
  Free updates
  Download the software updates from your Maxiecu account (created for you when you purchase the kit)
  The licence is tied to the interface allowing use on more than one computer
  The software is registered to your details: name and surname or company name and current e-mail after purchasing


The Maxiecu system has the following advantages:

  Service , advanced diagnostics not available with ELM based interface
  A modular nature
  Opportunity to buy a particular module, which reduces the purchase costs
  Easy and intuitive configuration
  Free and frequent updates
  New modules in preparation (car makes)
  A free OBD2 module for each module
  The system can be completed gradually, which cuts the costs significantly.


Whats included?


  • Advanced MPM COM USB interface
  • Licence to activate the Ford software module
  • A free OBD2 module
  • Free firmware and software updates
  • Free product help and support
  • 1 year warranty on hardware 

System requirements:

  Laptop or PC
  Pentium II (or higher) speed of 400MHz 
  XP, Vista, Windows 7/8 10 (32-64bit)
  USB port


You can contact us on 02891 310043 for any questions you have prior to buying this kit.



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