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MultiEcuScan Six Colour Adapter Lead Set

MultiEcuScan Six Colour Adapter Lead Set
 MultiEcuScan Six Colour Adapter Lead SetMultiEcuScan Six Colour Adapter Lead Set 
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Full set of 6 Multiecuscan Coloured Adapter cables.

  • Compatible with ELM and KKL cables
  • Colour coded for use with Multiecuscan software
  • Top quality guaranteed 5 year repair or replace warranty
  • Free UK delivery


MultiEcuScan  FIAT ECU Scan Full Set of 6 Diagnostic Adapter Cables

Product Description,
Full set of 6 Adapter cables for MultiECU scan diagnostic cables for maximum coverage!

5 Year repair or replace warranty Top quality guaranteed! four Multiecuscan coloured cables
Four coloured ODB cable adapters to allow additional diagnostic options for Italian cars. These include ENGINE, Airbag, ABS, POWER STEERING and CAN ECU's. and More!

  • Green Adaptor Lead (FiatEcuScan Adaptor 1) = Engine, ABS, Power Steering
  • Red Adaptor Lead (FiatEcuScan Adaptor 2) = Airbag
  • Yellow Adaptor Lead (FiatEcuScan Adaptor 3) = LS CAN
  • Purple' adaptor lead (MultiECUScan 'Adapter 4') to allow electric hood diagnostics.
  • Blue adapter lead (Multiecuscan 'Adapter 5') supports new models added to the Multiecuscan software
  • Grey adapter lead (Multiecuscan 'Adapter 6') Supports new models 

Pin Configurations:

  • Green Adaptor Lead = Female pin 7 to male pins 1, 7, 9, 12.
  • Red Adaptor Lead = Female pin 7 to male pin 3
  • Yellow Adaptor Lead = Female pin 6 to male pin 1 / Female pin 14 to male pin 9 / Female pin 7 to male pin 12
  • Purple Adaptor lead = Pin 7 on the diagnostic tool end of the adaptor is electrically connected to pins 7, 8, 11 & 13 on the car end of the adaptor.

Additional Items Required:This is for the six cable adaptors only.
You will also require:An ELM327 or KKL diagnostic cable to connect to these adaptors. MultiEcuScan software (free or full version).
Please see our website or contact our sales for a full list of supported vehicles.

DO NOT USE THE Adapter 1 (GREEN) or any adapter that has pins 1 and 9 connected together on the following vehicles: GRANDE PUNTO, PUNTO EVO, PUNTO 2012, 500, 500L, 500X, DOBLO(152), DOBLO(263), QUBO, DUCATO 250, PANDA 2012, UNO 2010, BRAVO 2014, DELTA 2014, FREEMONT, THEMA/300C, ALFA MITO, GIULIETTA, YPSILON 2011!
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