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  • December 2018

New  Models released from iCarsoft and!

Icarsoft have released the latest addition to their tool lineup, the CR Pro. Offering more coverage and special functions than the CR Plus, the CR Pro gives full vehicle diagnosis and the most commonly used service functions, read more here 

OBDLink MX + released! have released a new improved OBDLink MX tool that is now compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows. Where the previous model was let down was its inability to work on iOS, this problem is now fixed with the one tool compatible with all the main operating systems. read more here

  • July 2018

Scantool Direct are now OBDtester Authorised UK distributor.

​Latest version OBDLink MX Bluetooth, OBDLink LX Bluetooth and Obdlink SX cables now in stock 

We have just received the latest version OBDLink MX and LX bluetooth adapters here in the UK. All MX, LX and SX orders will be shipping from stock here in the UK so no long wait or customs fees for European and UK customers.

  • Feb 2018

 ELM compatible interfaces phasing out.

​From Feb 2018 we will be phasing out Chinese ELM cloned interfaces, from mid April we expect to only have genuine ELM327 interfaces for sale. There will be a price increase (the price of an ELM327 chip costs more than the micro processors used in the Chinese clones)

The reason for this is the cloned interfaces do not support all AT commands so fail on some late model vehicles. Also the late Fiat group models need reliable ELM connections that we believe will only be possible with genuine ELM 327 tools.

The genuine ELM327 will be compatible with more software than the cloned device and will be the only option available with our ELM based tools. Also the genuine ELM327 will have a 3 year warranty which is not possible with cloned devices.

  • January 2018

​We have received our first batch of the new iCarsoft tools for Land Rover and Mercedes. LR V1.0, LR V2.0 MB V1.0 and MB V2.0

More coverage and functions compared to the old tools, i930 ,LR II, i980 and MB II,
New Faster processor,  The V1.0 models now feature Service reset data Print feature and Battery test.

The coverage is better too, The Land Rover TD5 engine is now covered and coverage is to approx 2015 on Both Mercedes and Land Rover

Read more Here:

New  Extra security,  https now implemented on all web pages.

Here at Scantool Direct we take security very seriously. In line with common practices we have now implemented https on all webpages, this is over and above our ssl secured checkout pages. When shopping on Scantool Direct you can be assured your data and privacy are protected to the highest level possible.

Its easy to check if any website has https implemented, look at the address in the browser bar, there should be a padlock, if there is no padlock then this means the website is more vulnerable to data interception and we wouldn't recommend inputing any sensitive data on this type of site.

Here is an example of our secure site browser bar: browser bar


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