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ToCOM Toyota, Lexus Scion Vehicle Diagnostic System

ToCOM Toyota, Lexus Scion Vehicle Diagnostic System
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  • Free Software updates.

ToCOM is diagnostic software for Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles.

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Key features

  • Support for wide range of ECUs and models (Vehicle and ECU selection screenshot)
  • Easy connection via smart USB to OBD2 interface
  • Designed to maintain compatibility with dealer tool (see comparison with Toyota Techstream)
  • Automatic ECU recognition
  • Automatic vehicle scan (video)
  • ECU Identification (screenshot)
  • Fault code (DTC) reading (screenshot)
  • Fault code clearing
  • Freeze frame (screenshot)
  • Monitor function (Engine readiness) (screenshot)
  • Measured vaules / live data (firstsecond and third screenshot)
  • Live data recording
  • Diagnostic protocol printing
  • Actuator tests (video)
  • Control unit coding and adjustments ("utility" function)
  • Control unit configuration (customization) (video)

Beta version customer satisfaction guarantee

Due to high demand on this product, ToCOM is currently provided in form of beta version, but it still comes with customer satisfaction guarantee. The beta version has some known problems that cannot be resolved without cooperation with customers. We're trying to be as transparent as possible: detailed ToCOM diagnostic coverage is available here, all currently known issues are described below.
  • 14-days money-back guarantee if you will not be happy with the product.
  • All customers are eligible for free updates.
  • If you encounter any problem, please let us know. We'll try to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.
  • The product comes with full user support.

Known problems

No connection with some ECUs on Lexus GS300 It is not possible to connect to some interior ECU...
1NZ-FE Yaris 2002 engine Problem with connection to 1NZ-FE engine on one Ya...
No connection with EPS on Toyota Aygo EHPS on Toyota Aygo platform (includes Citroen C1/...
Diesel injector coding Some diesel engine injector codings are not tested...
User friendly model selection Non-US Toyota/Lexus models are manufactured at mul...
Coding functions assignment Some coding functions may be incorrectly assigned ...
We provide 2 years warranty for our products.

Important notice: You are ordering beta version of ToCOM. Please read this page carefully to understand all limitations of beta version.

tocm toyota diagnostic tool

See also

Latest software updates:

2018-05-31 0.1.7151

Fixed Lexus K-CAN gateway communication issues

2018-01-19 0.1.7140
Added selected Daihatsu models

2018-01-17 0.1.7135
Added overvoltage battery check before connection.

2018-01-08 0.1.7088
Added support for most models up to 2018

2017-12-22 0.1.7054
Initial support for 2018 models

2017-12-20 0.1.6963
Communication routines improvement fixing various problems on older ECUs

2017-11-15 0.1.6877
Improved fault reporting (KWP2000/CAN/UDS response codes decoding)

2017-11-01 0.1.6851
Fixed communication problems with pre-1999 ECUs

2017-11-01 0.1.6848
Fixed autoscan crash under certain conditions