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Toughbook CF-19 MaxiECU Mercedes Diagnostic System

Toughbook CF-19  MaxiECU Mercedes Diagnostic System
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Part Number:  cf-19merc
Brand:  UK Diagnostics

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Maxiecu Mercedes-Diagnostic Pack includes the Mercedes Software Module pre installed on a refurbished Panasonic Toughbook and MPM  multiplexed diagnostic interface. Ideal for hobbyists, small garages and mobile mechanics using a windows Laptop for Mercedes and Sprinter diagnosis. Includes a free OBD2 module for universal vehicle diagnosis over OBD2

Covers all Mercedes cars and vans to approx 2015

Free software updates
2 year hardware warranty

MaxiEcu Mercedes and Sprinter Complete Diagnostic System. Pre installed and activated on a refurbished Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 Laptop

The MaxiEcu Mercedes and Sprinter diagnostic system is an innovative, modular diagnostic system, designed for Mercedes vehicles

The MaxiEcu diagnostic system is an innovative, PC based diagnostic tool designed for Mercedes Benz Cars and light commercials. 

Windows PC Based software and USB MPM COM Multiplexed interface, The MPM COM Interface is a sophisticated Diagnostic interface with built in multiplexing capabilities, Mercedes Benz assign different systems to different pins in the DLC, the MPM COM interface automatically selects the correct pin to communicate with the diagnostic system being tested. This means no adapters or breakout boxes are required (except for the older 38 pin and 14 pin DLC models) all 16 pin models are covered automatically making for quick and easy vehicle diagnosis.

Allows fault code reading, clearing component activation, and programming including DPF regen etc on a broad range of vehicles. Coverage includes, engine ABS SRS transmission SAM, Doors, Parking module, Climate, Instruments, Service reset, Headlight modules,  etc.

​Includes 14 pin and 38 pin adapters for older cars and vans 

Models covered include:

  • A- Class (168,169, 176)
  • B-Class (245,246)
  • C-Class (202,203,204)
  • CLA-Class (117)
  • E-Class (207,210,211,212)
  • G-Class (463)
  • GL-Class (164,166)
  • GLK (204)
  • M-Class (163,164,166)
  • R-Class (251)
  • S-Class (140,220,221)
  • SL (230,231)
  • SLK (170,171,172)
  • CLK (208,209)
  • Sprinter (904,905,906)
  • Vito  (638,639)
  • Vaneo (414)
  • Vario

The Maxiecu Mercedes benefits from free lifetime updates. Free updates mean the system coverage is expanding allowing more in depth diagnostics and activations to be added for no extra charge.

Excellent Mercedes vehicle coverage:

The Maxiecu Mercedes, covers all passenger cars and light commercials to 2015 from approx 1995 (older models pre 2001-2002 will need the 38 pin adapter)

 Sprinter models 903, 904 905, 906. are all covered allowing fault code reading and clearing, live data stream, display ecu information.

Covers both 14 pin and 16 pin diagnostic systems

Recent updates for 906 Sprinters:

Sprinter [906]
                - 651,957, 646.984,646.985,646.986,646.980,642.992,642.990
                    -Coding injectors, deleting adaptation


Sprinter 906 diesel 2.2 cdi (646.986, 646.985,646,984),3.0 cdi ( 642.992)

        Actuator Test

        Clearing adaptation of the MAF (mass air flow meter)

        Clearing adaptation of common rail fuel pressure sensor

        Forced regeneration or replacing the DPF, diesel particulate filter (reset the stored value when replacing the DPF)

includes the proper 14 pin Sprinter adapter with correct wiring to access all the systems.

Current coverage on Sprinter models: (not all systems are applicable for all models i.e the early 903 doesent have signal acquisition modules)

  • Engine (Diesel and Petrol)
  • SRS airbags
  • Stationary heater
  • Gearbox
  • Instrument cluster
  • immobilizer
  • Central locking
  • Signal acquisition modules (SAM)

Add further diagnostic modules, cover more makes contact us for details 

Includes the Panasonic Toughbook dual use computer with touchscreen, wifi,


These refurbished Toughbook will have marks and scuffs to casing but are overall in good condition and fully operational, the specs include:


  • 80 GB HDD
  • 10 inch Touchscreen
  • Intel duo core processor
  • Windows XP professional SP3 installed
  • 1 GB Ram
  • UK charger 
  • Two USB ports,

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