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How to register and update the ilink400

Here are steps needed to register and update the Vident iLink400 range of tools.


  1. Connect the ilink400 to a free USB port on a computer with the included USB cable note:  (later release ilink400 tools include the serial number and password in the case, no USB cable is included)
  2. Click "Settings", then "about" Make a note of the tool serial number and password shown on the screen
  3. Remove the USB cable from the tool
  4. Open the internet on a computer and go to
  5. Choose "Sign Up' on the home page screen
  6. Fill in your details and enter a valid email that you can check right away.
  7. Once registered to activate the account you need to click the link in the email sent to your email you entered in the account details, once this is done you are registered.
  8. Log in to your Vident account on the website and choose "register new products" from the menu 
  9. Enter your iLink400 tool serial number and password you noted earlier
  10. if the serial was entered correctly, you will see a successfully registered message appear

How to update the ilink400

  1. On the service and support section of the videnttech website you can find the update tool for the ilink400, this is named " iscanzilla installer"
  2. Save this file to an easy to find location on your computer
  3. Once downloaded you will need to extract the installer using Winrar, Winzip or other decompression tool
  4. Open the decompressed folder, and then run the installer and the iLink400 update program will be installed on your computer
  5. Remove the small TF card from the bottom of the ilink400 tool,  note the way the card is installed (it is usually installed with the writing on the card facing the same direction as the screen  with the narrow end inserted first)
  6. Install the TF card into the included card reader and plug into the computer with the update software. 
  7. There is sometimes messages appear stating the drive has a problem and needs to be scanned, these can be ignored.
  8. Open the update software and the card should already be recognised within the software. Then click "update all" and then allow the software to update. 
  9. Once completed, remove the USB reader, and then the TF card from the card reader, insert the TF card back into the iLink400 (Writing side up)
  10. The tool will now be ready and updated to the latest software 


Product enquiries: 02891 310 043